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Datapolis Process System 2016

Fast and easy workflow modeling

Better collaboration between business and IT users

Full control over the organization's workflow system

Start using better SharePoint 2016 workflows

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Datapolis main features

Workflow Designer

Clear diagrams to implement and automate the process logic

Use drag & drop designers to build SharePoint workflow logic and functional activities while a built-in forms generator maintains business integrity throughout.

Workflow Applications

Structures to organize workflows in a coherent system

Convert workflows into manageable applications and use them in other workflows or external solutions. Modify only one application to implement changes in multiple workflows.

Central Administration

Controls to manage workflows, permissions and performance

One place to monitor all your workflows, applications and related permissions. Take advantage of perfomance monitoring to mine data for troubleshooting.

User Experience

Familiar and friendly interface optimizes usability

Manage all your active tasks from one page. Select an action with one click from the context menu, ribbon or form. Review a graphical history to manage process bottlenecks.

See what our clients are saying

"Datapolis Process System improved design, deployment and testing of advanced SharePoint workflows."

- Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland

"Overall my feeling about the solution and the project is absolutely positive and I’m sure that our quality management portal and Datapolis form a powerful and efficient solution to work better in the future."

- Sidrag AG

"The product is very clear, easy to use, does not require extensive specialist knowledge, and largely extends the possibilities of Microsoft SharePoint."

- Total

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